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This section features words that are new or relatively recent and which may not have yet reached the dictionaries. At least, this was true when the pieces were written — remember this is an archive compiled over more than a decade! And, since writing about them, they may have vanished again — the fate of most new words.

Misc 2C-B; 360-degree feedback; 3D fatigue.

A Acoustic shock; Activitystat; Aerobot; Aerotropolis; Affluence test; AfPak; Agnotology; Agroterrorism; Alcolock; Alcopop; Allohistory; Altermodernism; Ambient advertising; Amperkine; Andropause; Angiogenesis inhibitor; Anorakish; Apoptosis; Approximeeting; Arab Spring; Archaeogenetics; Archaeon; Areologist; Artilect; Asian Brown Cloud; Asylo; Asymmetrical warfare; Austerian; Auxetic.

B Bangalored; Beanpole family; Benidorm leave; Big Bang II; Bioart; Bioinformatics; Bioinvasion; Biomimetics; Biomusicology; Biophilia; Biopiracy; Biopunk; Biosimilar; Biosurgery; Birtism; Black swan; Black-water rafting; Blairism; Blobitecture; Blogger; Blood minerals; Blue revolution; Bluejacking; Bluetooth; Blu-Ray; Bookcrossing; Bossnapping; Botnet; Brain fingerprinting; Break-out space; Brexit; Bright; Business theatre.

C Café Scientifique; Caffeinol; Captology; Carbon bubble; Carbon footprint; Carborexia; Carrotmobbing; Cedar revolution; Celtic Tiger; Chemtrail; Chill Can; Chillwave; Chindia; Chiptune; Chloephobia; Chronopsychology; Chronotherapy; Citizen journalism; Claytronics; Cleanskin; Clicktivism; Cli-fi; Climate velocity; Clinical governance; Cobot; Collaboratory; Commentariat; Community currency; Community marriage policy; Computer-assisted journalism; Consilience; Convivium; Cool Britannia; Coopetition; Cosmeceutical; Covenant marriage; Crisis memoir; Crisitunity; Crowdworking; Crunk; Cub; Culture jamming; Cyber Monday; Cyberchondria; Cyberloafing; Cyberventing.

D Dark tourism; Darknet; Darwin Day; Data archaeology; Data haven; Datacasting; Deep Web; De-extinction; Deleb; Demitarian; Demutualisation; Denglisch; Dental Spa; Devo-max; DFY; Diabesity; Digital divide; Digital Radio Mondiale; Disintermediation; Dogme 95; Dog-whistle politics; Domotics; DOTS; Doula; Downshifter; Dress-up Thursday; Drive-by-wire; Drunkorexia; DVD; Dwarf planet; Dyspraxia.

E E-bandoned; Ebonics; Echo boomer; Eco-auditor; Eco-cement; Eco-driving; Ecofact; Ecologism; Economy-class syndrome; Econophysics; Ecotarianism; Ecotherapy; E-day; Electroclash; Electromagnetic hypersensitivity; Electronic cinema; Electronic paper; Electrosmog; Emo; Endocrine disrupter; Entitlement card; E-num; Envirocrime; Ephebicide; Ephebicide; Ephebiphobia; Epigenome; E-science; Ethical fading; E-thrombosis; Eugeroic; Euro-creep; Euroland; Europanto; Evernet; Evidence-based education; Evo-devo; E-voting; Exercise bulimia; Exformation; Exoplanet; Experimental travel; Exposome; Extranet; Extraordinary rendition; Eyerobics.

F Fabless; Fashionista; Fat tax; Feebate; Femtocell; Financial phobia; Flash mob; Folksonomy; Footfall; Fratire; Freecycling; Freegan; Free-running; Fusion inhibitor.

G Gamification; Gastro-diplomacy; Gene chip; Genetic pollution; Genetic underclass; Geocaching; Geo-engineering; Geosequestration; Gifable; Glamping; Global dimming; Global distillation; Globesity; Glycomics; Gold-collar worker; Golden rice; Gorge-walking; Great Recession; Green famine; Green roof; Grexit; Grey goo; Grey literature; Grid; Grid computing; Grime; Grocerant; Guerrilla gig; Gutkha.

H Happy slapping; Hate-watching; Haute barnyard; Hedonometer; Heroin chic; Hidden hunger; Home zone; Homeshoring; Hot desking; Human safari; Hybrid CD; Hydrodyne process; Hydrogen economy; Hypercar; Hyperlocal; Hypermiling; Hypernova.

I Identity theft; I-mode; Information fatigue syndrome; Information rich/information poor; Informavore; Infowar; Injecting room; Inplacement; Interesterification; Intermercial; Internet 2; Internet of things; Interweb, Internetweb and Intertube; Intranet; Iraqification; Iris code; Irritable male syndrome.

K Kakuro; Kettling; Kibibyte.

L Ladult; Leisure sickness; Lifestyle drug; Lightcraft; Linguistic profiling; Locavore; Long tail.

M Machinima; Mad as cheese; Magnetar; Malvertising; Man date; Mari-fuel; Marketopia; Mathom; M-commerce; MDR-TB; Mechatronics; Meldrew; MEMS; Menaissance; Mesh radio; Metamediary; Metrosexual; M-government; Microcredit; Microgreens; Microtransaction; Micro-wind turbine; Millennium bug; Minigarch; MINT; Misomusist; Miswanting; Mobisode; Mociology; Molecular Archaeology; Molecular farming; Molecular gastronomy; Moletronics; MOOC; Mountainboarding; Mumblecore; Muscle dysmorphia; Mycodiesel.

N Naked Street; Nanofood; Nanopublishing; NaSSA; NDM-1; Net neutrality; Neurobics; Neurocinematics; Neuroeconomics; Neuromarketing; Neurosexism; Neurotheology; New Puritans; Nocebo; Nordic walking; Nu-metal; Nutraceutical; Nutrigenomics.

O Obesogenic; Omnishambles; Onshore offshoring; Open source; Optogenetics; Orexin; Orthorexia; Oscillon; Otpotss; Overclass.

P Padania; Painient; Palermo scale; Pareidolia; Passive drinking; Passive survivability; Patent troll; Permission-based marketing; Personal telco; Phage therapy; Pharmacogenomics; Pharming; Phen-fen; Philanthropreneur; Phishing; Phytoremediation; Pico-projector; Placeshifting; Plasticarian; Pluton; Pod slurping; Podcasting; Polyamory; Polychronic; Polypill; Portal site; Pracademic; Prebuttal; Precariat; Precrastination; Predictive policing; Presenteeism; Prion; Probiotic; Promession; Pronoia; Prosumer; Proteome; Proteomics; Psytrance; Push technology; PVR.

Q Qubit.

R Raw foodism; Reality fighting; Recessionista; Recreational grief; Regender; Religitigation; Retail anthropologist; RFID; Riskometer.

S SARS; Saviour sibling; School gate mum; Screenager; Seasteading; Self-quantifying; Set-top box; Shock and Awe; Shopdropping; Sky-surfing; Slow travel; Smart gun; Smartbook; Social jet lag; Social software; Solar sail; Solutions journalism; Sonic cruiser; Sonofusion; Sous-Sherpa; Spamdexing; Spermodynamics; Spintronics; Spoken Web; Squalamine; Stag-deflation; Staycation; Stoozing; Subprime; Sudoku; Synthespian; Synthetic biology.

T Taphonomist; Taqwacore; Teamspace; Techgnosis; Technorealist; Televersity; Television 2.0; Theranostics; Therapeutic cloning; Thin client; Thinspiration; Third Way; Toxicogenomics; Traffic evaporation; Transition Town; T-ray; Triple-drug therapy; Truthiness; Tweenager; Tweenie; Twixter; Two-factor authentication.

U UMTS; Unconference; Unfriend; Unitasker; Upsizing; Upskilling; Urban gaming.

V Vection; Vehicle-to-Grid; Viatical; Virosphere; Virotherapist; Virtopsy; Virtual water; Vlogger; V-mail; Voluntourism.

W W00t; WAP; Warchalking; Water banking; Water poverty; Water war; Wave and pay; Web 2.0; Web ring; Webucation; Weightless economy; Wet day centre; Wikitorial; Word of finger.

X XDR-TB; Xenotransplantation; Xenozoonosis.

Y Yaoi; Yuhangyuan.

Z Zoochosis; Zorbing.

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